4 Seasons at Neuschwanstein Castle

Every season is magnificent at Neuschwanstein castle and has its special beauty.

Spring with the fresh green surrounding the castle all the way to the lake; the fields covered in bright yellow from the dandelion. Summer with the mesmerizing blue lake has flowers everywhere, fall with earthy colours and the forests around the mountains and the castle coloured like Indian summer or winter with its sparkling snowy white.

Neuschwanstein_SpringRight now we feel April is actually absolutely living up to its name. Since Sunday we had fresh snow and frost all the way into the valleys and fields. Now the sun has come out again and has melted the snow below the castle away, but the mountains are completely white and shine in their full glory.

This Saturday with the last day of April, in Bavaria the so-called “Freinacht” all across Bavaria the “dance into the May” is celebrated, as well as the Youth going around towns to play pranks on neighbours and friends. On Sunday the very old tradition of “Mayday” is celebrated. The maypole or Maytree is erected and in many towns the boys compete in climbing up to the top. In Hohenschwangau, the neighbour castle of Neuschwanstein, the annual “Maifest” is celebrated.

Neuschwanstein_Summer_DSC_1328Summer is the busiest season at the castle. But also the locals are busy: End of June the young cows are brought to the Alps and the alpine rose blossoms. The alps and chalets are open for hikers and serve local specialties and snacks. You can swim in the Forggensee, Bavaria’s biggest water reservoir, with Neuschwanstein castle in view or enjoy the tranquillity of the Swanlake. In the evening the beer gardens under chestnut trees are a visitor magnet as well as meeting points for locals.

Neuschwanstein_AutumnThe golden autumn marks the “Viehscheid”, when the cattle is brought down from the alps, the harvest is brought in and the entire area around the castle excites hikers from all over the world.

Neuschwanstein_Winter_DSC_1316In winter the days get shorter, the sun is lower and times get a bit calmer around Neuschwanstein. All houses are decorated lightly with candles and lights, the traditional “Adventssingen” marks the times before Christmas. The daily feeding of wild game with about 200 red deer or a horse sleigh tour through the snow are a perfect adventure for a romantic day.

Neuschwansteiner CEO Christian Seitz said:

“Truly every season at the castle has its beauty and advantages.”

Neuschwanstein_Andy-Warhol-StyleHe continues: “I simply love spring. Now everything comes back to life. The beautiful colourful spring-flowers make me smile every day, and don’t forget, our beer traditionally is a “Edelmärzen”, a so-called March beer which in the old days was brewed in March. So of course we feel close to the spring and love it!

Inga Stracke
Inga Stracke is a multi-talented journalist, event organizer, and networker who is equally at home in the Formula 1™ paddocks around the globe as well as the winter hills of the 4-Hill-Ski jumping tournament and other world class events. She is also a motorsport travel advisor for DERTOUR. Born in Bavaria, Inga became famous as pit-lane reporter for German Sky-TV and F1’s™ own multi-channel digital TV, and she founded the first agency for F1™ commercial radio broadcast in D-A-CH. She also produced the first Formula 1™ live radio show nationwide in US/Canada and headed the creation of the original Red Bulletin. Inga regularly contributes culinary trip reviews and gourmet features for MICHELIN starred restaurants around the globe.