We celebrated our Paris debut in style at the perfect place: the world famous Louvre!

Neuschwansteiner was served at the vernissage and at the VIP booth during the exhibition of Albrecht Behmel at Carrousel du Louvre, at Salon international d’art contemporain.

neuschwansteiner-with-albrecht-behmel-louvre-vernissage-carrousel-du-louvre-artist-with-bottle-02Albrecht Behmel, born 1971, is an award-winning writer and painter. His paintings are on display at the University of Bejing, the Brandenburg Parliament in Potsdam, the Empire State Building, Guggenheim Partners, Miami and others.

More than 600 artists contributed their works to this amazing show right under the inverted pyramid of the famous Carrousel du Louvre, home to the Comedie Francaise, Apple and other luxury brands that attract tens of thousands of visitors each day.


Hence the underground exhibition halls there see gigantic streams of visitors every day. The show opened at seven PM on Friday and went on till Sunday night.

neuschwansteiner-with-albrecht-behmel-louvre-vernissage-carrousel-du-louvre-exhibitionThe first night was for professional visitors, the following two days were open to the general paying public. Once you passed the double security check, you were free to go and experience contemporary art of all colours, sizes and styles .

The exhibition’s VIP guests came from all over the world: NYC, where Albrecht Behmel is going to show his latest works next April at Pier 92, Manhattan, London, Seoul, Hamburg, Glasgow, Berlin, Venezuela, Zürich, Milan and of course a lot of local gallerists, artists, art dealers and entrepreneurs and artpreneurs.

neuschwansteiner-with-albrecht-behmel-louvre-vernissage-carrousel-du-louvre-02Albrecht Behmel and Tiago Azevedo who was born on the Azores islands but lives in Munich, and Alvaro Moreira, their curator, were great ambassadors for our Neuschwansteiner brand.

Albrecht Behmel proudly said: “German beer in the capital of France, imagine this. The visitors loved the beautiful bottles with the golden neck. We ran out of glasses faster than we could watch and made a lot of new friends.

Christian Seitz, Neuschwansteiner founder and CEO said“The vernissage and exhibition by our friend Albrecht Behmel at the famous Louvre was – as expected – a wonderful event and we congratulate him to his success! Our booth was right in the middle of it all. This is where we felt at home. Together with our friend Albrecht we raised a great show.

Our beer and his art are a perfect match.


France is all about wine and champagne, of course, their beer tends to be blonde, so we came in as something luxuriously and exotic. We enjoy working with artists: They understand beauty, value and presentation – and the love to have fun.

Neuschwansteiner beer being served at the Louvre – just fabulous!”

Behmels next shows:
Carrousel du Louvre, Paris (Oct. 2016);
Art Week Miami, (Dec 2016);
NYC (Apr. 2017) at Pier 92, Manhattan

Inga Stracke
Inga Stracke is a multi-talented journalist, event organizer, and networker who is equally at home in the Formula 1™ paddocks around the globe as well as the winter hills of the 4-Hill-Ski jumping tournament and other world class events. She is also a motorsport travel advisor for DERTOUR. Born in Bavaria, Inga became famous as pit-lane reporter for German Sky-TV and F1’s™ own multi-channel digital TV, and she founded the first agency for F1™ commercial radio broadcast in D-A-CH. She also produced the first Formula 1™ live radio show nationwide in US/Canada and headed the creation of the original Red Bulletin. Inga regularly contributes culinary trip reviews and gourmet features for MICHELIN starred restaurants around the globe.