With 89 of 100 possible points and the classification ‘very good’, the MICHELIN Guide has reconfirmed its number one status of restaurant guides in Germany for the 7th consecutive time. The survey had been conducted by gourmet magazine ‘Sternklasse’ amongst 5000 restaurant proprietors.


Michelin Star - International Director Michael Ellis
Michelin Star – International Director Michael Ellis

An incredible 50 years ago, MICHELIN awarded the first star in Germany, today, after France, in Europe Germany has the most restaurants with the highest gastronomic award.

Michelin Guide

The survey result confirms that the high efforts of our anonymously operating restaurant testers is valued highly by the Gastronomie”, said Ralf Flinkenflügel, chief editor of the MICHELIN Guide Germany and Switzerland happily. “All MICHELIN Inspectors are fully employed experts with solid training and experienced in the international top gastronomy. Their judgements are based on a consistent system with objective criteria as its foundation being the base for the high reputation of the MICHELIN Guide”, Flinkenflügel explained.

The MICHELIN Guide clearly is recognized as THE gourmet bible world-wide

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We were featured by MICHELIN Restaurants, the online magazine, which is very informative, providing exclusive culinary insights and in addition helps you to book a table online.

When Andre and Edouard Michelin founded their tyre company, it all started in Clermont-Ferrand in central France in 1889. Originally, the significantly red guidebook was created to encourage more motorists to drive around. The idea was, to help them plan tours, drive more, more people wanting to buy cars and therefore needing to buy more tyres.

The original book included routes, maps, roadside assistance as well as places to eat or stay overnight. After two decades of the guide for free, in 1920 it was sold for the first time and included a list of selected hotels and restaurants. “Mystery diners” – todays secret inspectors – travelled around, visiting restaurants anonymously.

In 1926 the first stars were awarded, five years later the ranking up to three stars was created.


By now, the guide covers over 24 countries on three continents and more than 40,000 restaurants.

Pictures Copyright: Rene de Boer, MICHELIN


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