Top-gourmet magazine features our Bavarian beer

We are proud about this very nice article in high end gourmet-magazine ‘Port Culinaire’ and thank the editors very much.

neuschwansteiner-port-culinaire-01The story tells about the world wide desire for romance, incarnated in our beautiful Neuschwansteiner castle, visited by millions of impressed tourists from Asia, America, Oceania and Europe.

It compares the impressions of German versus international visitors, combined with the fascinating history of the castle.


neuschwansteiner-port-culinaire-02The water source next to the brewery near the castle by luck delivers the best “alpine water of highest purity with a softness untypical for the region”. In addition, „Port Culinaire“ explains how Neuschwansteiner uses: “Only the best hop from the best farmer in the best hop area of the world (Holledau)” and that, whilst Bavarian barley is the best, there are still significant quality and price differences.

The gourmet experts go back to medieval history to explain how Neuschwansteiner has become the “best beer in the world”.

We particular like the page where the author cites people saying “this is the damn best beer of my life”, and goes on to put Neuschwansteiner on a level with Cognac Richard, Champagne Krug Clos d’Ambonnay and Domaine de la Romanée-Conti, “those four are the best of their class”.

Thank you very much Port Culinaire!

We are impressed about this detailed research about brewing secrets incorporated in a well written article with great photos!

Compliments to this extraordinary award winning gourmet magazine which is always worth not ‘just’ reading and admiring, but even more so treasuring your coffee table.

The latest issue, featuring Neuschwansteiner as well as other exclusive and fabulous gourmet topics is now available at

Image credits: Thomas Ruhl,
You can download a digital excerpt of that beautiful article here.

Inga Stracke
Inga Stracke is a multi-talented journalist, event organizer, and networker who is equally at home in the Formula 1™ paddocks around the globe as well as the winter hills of the 4-Hill-Ski jumping tournament and other world class events. She is also a motorsport travel advisor for DERTOUR. Born in Bavaria, Inga became famous as pit-lane reporter for German Sky-TV and F1’s™ own multi-channel digital TV, and she founded the first agency for F1™ commercial radio broadcast in D-A-CH. She also produced the first Formula 1™ live radio show nationwide in US/Canada and headed the creation of the original Red Bulletin. Inga regularly contributes culinary trip reviews and gourmet features for MICHELIN starred restaurants around the globe.