With 10 3-star restaurants, in Europe Germany is second only to France


Congratulations to all chefs in Germany who are featured in the new “Deutschland Guide MICHELIN 2016”! The new “red book”, the gourmet bible by MICHELIN was presented in Berlin yesterday.

michelin-guide-2016-star-chefs-with-michael-ellis-neuschwansteiner-10Michael Ellis, Michelin Guides‘ international director said: “Germany now has 10 3-star restaurants and it is an incredible achievement that they are second in Europe only to France. I think your friends in France are starting to get a bit nervous as they can see you coming up in the 3-star category.”

michelin-guide-2016-kevin-fehling-neuschwansteiner-06The star on the firmament of 3-star chefs is Kevin Fehling, the 38-year old received his second 3-star-rating after only recently this year opening his own restaurant, “The Table” in Hamburg. His award also marks the first 3-star restaurant in Hamburg.

michelin-guide-2016-kevin-fehling-neuschwansteiner-05Berlin alone now has 20 star-rated restaurants with a total of 26 stars. Altogether the impressive number of restaurants with one or more MICHELIN stars in the new 2016 MICHELIN Guide Germany amounts to 290. This is a new record, and shows the fast improving top gastronomy in Germany, since this is almost 30% more than in 2010! In the 2-star category, there are now 30 chefs and restaurants listed, more than double of the amount listed in 2010.

bayerischer-hof-munichOur special congratulations go to our friends at “Bayerischer Hof” in Munich: Jan Hartwig from “Atelier Bayerischer Hof” for the first time proudly received his second MICHELIN star. Hartwig was truly excited and said at the press conference: “This is absolutely incredible. It is the goal of any chef to be awarded a MICHELIN star. But to receive the second star already only one year later already is unbelievably fantastic and great for the entire team. I am overwhelmed and so happy!”

Innegrit Volkhardt executive managing partner of the “Bayerischer Hof” was also present in Berlin, when Jan Hartwig was called on stage and handed his brand new MICHELIN 2-star chef’s jacket by MICHELIN Guides‘ international director Michael Ellis. She smiled and said: “I’m so proud of Jan and our team! This adds even more value to our restaurant and I am sure everybody in Munich is very excited!”

Neuschwansteiner served at Munich‘s 5-star ‘Bayerischer Hof’In 1974, the ‘Bayerischer Hof’ became a member of ‘The leading Hotels of the World’, and the first German hotel to be one of the “Preferred Hotels and Resorts Worldwide”.

Neuschwansteiner is proud to be served by their chief bartender, Meike Zimmermann of “falk’s bar”, a favourite location of Munich’s nightlife scene

Neuschwansteiner CEO and founder Christian Seitz says: “Congratulations to all chefs who received their star awards. Of course due to our direct connection, we at Neuschwansteiner send special congratulations for their second MICHELIN star to Jan Hartwig and his team and all our friends at the ‘Bayerischer Hof, for us at Neuschwansteiner always a first choice when visiting Munich. We hope you can find some time to celebrate and cherish this very special award! What an incredible achievement! We look forward to soon be visiting again and congratulate you in person.”

michelin-guide-2016-neuschwansteiner-03The new Giude MICHELIN Germany is available as of today. You can also find more information on restaurant.michelin.de

Photo credits: Pole Position

Inga Stracke
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