We love new pictures of magnificent Neuschwanstein castle

But this one actually is a classic! Our friend, photographer Gerhard Bumann took the original picture back in 1977 and tells us a great story: “I took this from the ‘photographer’s rock’ at the time on glass. Using a graduated filter, I later toyed around with the motive, as the fairy-tale castle is always a fascinating picture.

This specific creation is of course inspired by Andy Warhol, but one has to know, Warhols work is hand-made art, and manual silkscreen technique. My creation is based on the old glass negative of the original picture I took in 1977, when I had to carry the heavy materials all the way up!


Bumann remembers a fascinating moment at the castle: “Once I met the chief of the crow Indian tribe when they travelled the world to teach people about a different way of living. I sat next to him at the Swan Lake and for a very long time he didn’t say a word. Then he sighted and said: ‘This is a very special place, a very special place’!

Bumann remembers the chief explaining that the spot had a great energy and he could feel it. In fact, the location where King Ludwig II chose to build Neuschwanstein castle is the area where the Alps bend, where they change from ‘Allgäuer Alps’ to ‘Ammergauer Alps’ towards Garmisch-Patenkrichen.

It is not an easy hike, Bumann confirms, assuring us that he needs his hiking boots, mountain hike experience and a good day to climb up to his photo spot: “It is a 45° climb, when you are up there; you are on a small, 2.5m (8ft) wide plateau. To both sides it goes 80m (260ft) steep into the canyon. You arrive exhausted from the climb and then are rewarded with this incredible view, quite close to the castle!

With a broad smile Bumann enjoys his Neuschwansteiner beer: “How great is this: You hike up there on a beautiful day, very early, to catch the early sun for the best pictures. Then you hike back down, to take your time to look at your pictures, very happy with the result while you sit back and relax at the Neuschwansteiner Castle-brewery’s beer garden and savour a chilled fresh Neuschwansteiner beer with the great view of the castle including the cliff you just stood on!

Picture courtesy of bumanngerhard.tumblr.com

Beautiful Neuschwansteiner Bottle in front of beautiful Neuschwanstein Castle

Inga Stracke
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