Neuschwansteiner 0.33l – A star is born Just in time for the...

Neuschwansteiner 0.33l – A star is born Just in time for the festive season we proudly present our new baby


Father Christmas comes a bit earlier from us this year, we met the Christmas-wish-list of our friends and partners: Due to enthusiastic continuous requests from gastronomy, hotels, retail and fans, today we proudly present: Neuschwansteiner 0.33l!

We would not go so far to call our lovely smaller bottle a ‘piccolo’ mainly because in it’s fabulous taste it is no less or smaller than our original 0,75l bottle. Our iconic design is the same, as well as the true gold label.

The ‘manual’ remains as well – enjoy our Neuschwansteiner in the 0.75l and 0.33l bottle alike at its best at 8°C after letting it rest a bit.

With the smaller bottle, you can now easier enjoy a toast at home with friends or for a romantic dinner and always have the perfect fresh taste. It also makes for the best apero…

You may call it a ‘little luxury’ that you can now enjoy in proper ‘beer style’ from the bottle – perfect for your Christmas or New Year’s Eve party – it is also the perfect gift for him and her.


Of course since our ‘new baby’ has been developed due to requests and wishes from our current and future partners, you can be sure that Neuschwansteiner 0.33l will pop up soon in the most popular clubs, lounges and bars around the world. Finally our new Neuschwansteiner bottle will also easily fit in the leading hotels mini bars, which was another strong request that we thoroughly took into our considerations.

Our CEO and founder, Christian Seitz proudly said: “Today we can be proud: Our new ‘baby’, the Neuschwansteiner 0.33l has been quite a while in the making. When we first came on the market in 2015 with our champagne-size Neuschwansteiner 0.75l, everyone was amazed and stunned. Our success proves that this was the right way. Now it was time to listen to world-wide requests and react: in addition to our iconic prestigious Neuschwansteiner 0.75l we now also offer the Neuschwansteiner 0.33l.

It is not only a matter of size but more of convenience, catering to the many requests.

Just imagine, after a an exhausting drive or long day of business meetings, sightseeing or sports activities, you open the mini bar in your top-level hotel room and see a chilled Neuschwansteiner in its iconic noble gold-labelled bottle. It is like a small piece of Royal Bavarian history right in your hands. Open it, sit back and enjoy the full-bodied taste and relax!”

Intrigued? Thirsty? Well here is the great news: starting today you can order Neuschwansteiner 0.33l from our partners online:

Bos Food Käfer online

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