Albrecht Behmel

We proudly announce our support of the vernissage of famous artist Albrecht Behmel September 21 2016, 7PM at the world famous Louvre in Paris! The opening of his exhibition at Carrousel du Louvre, at Salon international d’art contemporain; with Tiago and Friends marks an important milestone in his career.

Neuschwansteiner is served at the vernissage and at the VIP booth during the exhibition, marking not only our Paris debut, but also of course, the first time we are being served at one of the most famous museums in the world!

Albrecht Behmel, born 1971, is an award-winning writer and painter. His radio-plays have been broadcast by nearly all major German networks, like Deutschlandfunk, SR, BR, SWR, his novels and nonfiction books made it into major libraries. As painter, Albrecht started on an international level, selling his first paintings across the Atlantic and to China, where they are on display at the University of Bejing, the Empire State Building, Guggenheim Partners, Miami and others. In Germany, most notably in Brandenburg Parliament, Potsdam.

“A day in a vineyard”, 2015 double canvas each 200 cm high x 135 cm wide (together 200 cm high, 270 cm wide) Acrylics and Ink on Canvas  www.behmel.de
“A day in a vineyard”, 2015 double canvas each 200 cm high x 135 cm wide (together 200 cm high, 270 cm wide) Acrylics and Ink on Canvas www.behmel.de
“NYC”, 2016 Acrylics and Ink on Canvas 100 cm high x 150 cm wide x 3 cm; verso signed www.behmel.de

The Magic of the Swarms is the title of a series of paintings in Albrecht’s unique style. It is a way to perceive the world using geometry and cartography to depict motion and form.

“Central Park”, 2016 Acrylics and Ink on Canvas 150 cm high x 100 cm wide verso signed www.behmel.de
”Spiderman”, 2016 Acrylics and Ink on Canvas 150 cm high x 100 cm wide verso signed www.behmel.de

The technique between figurative and abstract painting combines real figures like leaves, animals and human to abstract texture and swarms. Behmel calls his style abstrahism: real life silhouettes of animals, plants or humans merge into something almost but not totally abstract, a mesmerizing swarm of beings and shapes.

The style could be linked to the original design of church windows by Adolf Hötzel, Piet Mondrian and Arcimboldo.

Each year Albrecht supports select charities like Al Madad Foundation’sClassroom on a bus’ that sends schools on wheels to remote villages in Lebanon bringing basic education to children, especially girls; Guy and St.Thomas’ Charity, Westminster and Evelina Children’s hospital who are famous for bringing works of art to patients and their relatives but also to medical staff as a means… “ This phrase should continue with something like „a means to heal.“

Christian Seitz, Neuschwansteiner founder and CEO said: “We at The World of Neuschwansteiner have a strong liking for fine arts. The impressive art of Albrecht Behmel presented at the Louvre is a fabulous combination. Congratulations to Albrecht – what an achievement and honour! We are very proud to be part of this incredible event and very much look forward to our Neuschwansteiner beer being served at the Louvre!”

louvre-vernissage-albrecht-behmel-artist-01Behmels next shows:
Carrousel du Louvre, Paris (Oct. 2016);
Art Week Miami, (Dec 2016); NYC (Apr. 2017)

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