Emotional and fabulous Christening of the new flagship AIDAprima

As glorious climax of the 827th HAMBURG PORT ANNIVERSARY, AIDA Cruises celebrated together with 1.6 million visitors the christening of the new flagship, AIDAprima on May7th, clearly a highlight of the port celebrations.

aida-cruises-crew-christening-of-the-new-flagship-aidaprima-with-neuschwansteinerIt was probably the most spectacular christening in the history of cruises. Several million people witnessed live in Hamburg, on TV, websites and Facebook the festivities.

On all other AIDA cruise ships guests and crews celebrated to welcome the new flagship.

Young German actress Emma Schweiger who performed the Christening, said: “You beautiful ship, I christen you the AIDAprima. I wish you and your crew always safe travels and always enough water beneath your keel!”

The following music and light-show and fantastic fireworks magically transformed Hamburg’s night-skies into a sparkling sea of colours.



“The AIDAprima christening was an emotional moment for me”, said Felix Eichhorn, President AIDA Cruises, “I am very proud of our new ship. The huge interest from the public shows the fascination people have for cruise ships, which makes us very happy.”

aida-cruises-christening-of-the-new-flagship-aidaprima-with-neuschwansteiner-01AIDAprima is the first cruise ship that will be based all-year-round in a German harbor.

Metropoles like London/Southampton, Paris/LeHavre , Brussles/Zeebrügge and Rotterdam are some of the fascinating destinations of AIDAprima.

The AIDAprima is top-of-the range in regards to entertainment and culinary, with 12 restaurants and 18 bars with over 900 crew members ensuring the best service for all guests.

Of course we are very honoured to be served aboard! As you can see in this great video, we are part of MICHELIN star-chef Tim Mälzers AIDAprima culinary creations.

We simply love this very cool AIDA Video Blog!

We would like to express our appreciation to friend and partner Ralf Bos from BOS FOOD who presented us obviously very well to AIDA.

neuschwansteiner-sets-sails-with-aida-by-ralf-bos-bosfood-07Christian Seitz, Neuschwansteiner CEO and Founder said: “Congratulations AIDAprima.

The Christening celebrations looked stunning. May the new AIDA flagship always sail safe and all guests aboard enjoy the outstanding hospitality!”

Our friend Ralf Bos from BOS FOOD said: “AIDAprima is a magnificent ship with wonderful staff and an amazing beer aboard.”

About AIDA Cruises:

aida-cruises-christening-of-the-new-flagship-aidaprima-with-neuschwansteiner-03AIDA Cruises is one of the fastest growing and economically successful tourism companies in German and currently employs around 8,000 personnel from 40 countries, with 7,000 of these working on board and the remaining 1,000 at the company’s main offices in Rostock and Hamburg.

With 11 cruise ships at present, AlDA operates and markets one of the most modern and environmentally friendly fleets in the world.

The vessels are operated according to the highest international quality, environmental and safety standards. By 2020, the AIDA fleet will grow to 14 ships.

Offers from the AIDA Cruises vacation world can be booked via www.aida.de, travel agencies, or the AIDA Customer Center at +49 (0) 381 / 20 27 07 07.

Photos curtesy of BOS FOOD, Günther Stömmer/Neuschwansteiner and AIDA Cruises

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