Founded in 1970, #ArtBasel stages the world’s premiere Modern + contemporary art shows in Basel, Miami Beach + Hong Kong.


Art, music and excellence all converge at Art Basel. The fair has been presenting trendsetting artists for over 40 years now. For the first time, Sennheiser was present with its “Shape the Future of Audio” vision and trend-setting products, presenting its new art program.



We are proud to have been partner and sponsor with our Neuschwansteiner beer of Sennheisers exclusive events during the Art Basel, launching a new art program.


neuschwansteiner-art-basel-sennheiser-partner-and-sponsor-10“The artists should experiment with audio, music and sound and convey their message persuasively. Audio has been treated shabbily in the art world, probably because it is hard to exhibit. We would like to encourage young artists to tackle this difficult field,” Daniel Sennheiser, CEO of Sennheiser, says of the new art program the company is launching at Art Basel.

Sennheiser exhibits its newest products with an exclusive and artfully designed booth on three continents: In March at Art Basel in Hong Kong, in June at Art Basel in Switzerland and in December at Art Basel in Miami – places where True Audio Leadership can be heard. Sennheiser is extending an invitation to the ultimate sound experience.

Artwork shape-the-future-of-audio-zimoun

The booth itself is a work of art. The outer wall is decorated with a collage comprised of white details from select Sennheiser products. Elaborately presented thumbnails illustrate Sennheiser’s love for detail. The white soundwave design on the outer shell provides a preview of the pure sound and timeless beauty that awaits visitors inside.

Inside the booth, selects guests can listen and find out for themselves why Sennheiser is a leader in audio.

Guests enter a darkened room, enabling them to focus their senses exclusively on the listening experience. The products being demonstrated will define the future of the audio world and will provide visitors with an Ultimate Audio Moment. They include the HE 1 headphone and the AMBEO®-3D sound system. It’s a preview of New Ways of Listening – an Ultimate Sound Experience.

With HE 1, Sennheiser has redefined the limits of audiophile sound. As the successor to the world’s best headphone, 1991’s legendary Orpheus, it creates a new standard for headphones and provides listeners with the Ultimate Sound Experience.

Well-known sound artists will present their projects and discuss their visions for the music of tomorrow. Visitors will be transported away from visual arts to the future of the audio world.

Art Talk: Artist Zimoun (l), Daniel Sennheiser, CEO (r)

At Sennheiser’s invitation, artist Zimoun has developed a new piece of art, which will be shown for the first time at Art Basel in Basel. During Art Basel, the artist is inviting visitors to stick their heads into a new dimension of sound. At Ostquai, the rustling sound of countless paper bags could be head inside a wooden-clad shipping container. A small motor hidden inside each bag drives a wand and a ball with the sound being created by interaction with the bag.

Observers are surrounded by a large number of small sound generators, making possible the full immersion into a three-dimensional sound composition. Each audible sound is produced in the space in real-time. The large number of sound generators, each of which operates independently, creates a highly complex overall sound that can never be repeated identically.

Despite the consciously chosen simplicity, the system shows organic characteristics and complex behaviors that create an apparent vibrancy. Thousands of small paper sounds — crunching, murmuring, rustling and crackling – develop and meld into an all-encompassing audio space. At the same time, the creation of each sound is visible because all of the sounds are created by the moving material. We hear what we see and the audible becomes visible.

Daniel Sennheiser, CEO of Sennheiser (r)

“I do not differentiate between the visual arts and sound art”Zimoun said, “instead I view the different aspects of the work as being part of the whole.

I am fundamentally uninterested in classifying things by categories and they have no significance for me. Participating in this Sennheiser project is an honor and an exciting challenge for me.

What seems important to me about collaborations like this is that there is genuine interest in the art on the part of the company and that it isn’t just used for marketing purposes or even manipulated in that direction.”

As part of the Future Audio Artist Programms a talk was held at the Ostquai under the motto „Audio meets Art“. A jury, consisting of Daniel SennheiserDaniela Hinrichs and Walter Smerling was debating with artist Zimoun about his creation, which was exclusively designed and documented for Sennheiser.

In the early evening Sennheiser also hosted a Press Get Together at OstquaiDaniel Sennheiser discussed SHAPE THE FUTURE OF AUDIO, Audio meets Art, AMBEO and HE1 as well as other relevant topics with 50 key media representatives.

Party with Robin Schulz: world premiere of his song Ambeo

In the evening Sennheiser invited to the SHAPE THE FUTURE OF AUDIO Party at Ostquai with Star DJ and Echo prize winner ROBIN SCHULZ. As highlight of his 2 hour performance, he did debut an AMBEO mixed soundtrack, exclusively composed and mixed for SENNHEISER. Approximately 200 guests from the Media, important opinion leaders and Lifestyle, Art and Sound were part of the invitation only event.

The man who is currently Germany’s most successful musician has recorded an exclusive track for Sennheiser and mixed it using the AMBEO®-3D Audio system. Robin Schulz premiered the piece during Art Basel – and reshaped the future of music, live.

Pride is the feeling that connects Robin Schulz with his first memories of Sennheiser„I can still recall how proud I was when I was able to perform my first gig with the HD25,“ says Schulz. As a youth, he had managed to save up money from small DJ appearances for his first pair of headphones.

About 15 years later, and after producing the most successful track ever made in Germany, Schulz has become a global star. He has revolutionized the music scene and emerged as a creative leader. Even as German DJs have had a significant impact on techno and electro, prior to Schulz they lagged behind the biggest names like TiestoDavid Guetta or Avicii in the ranks of international DJs. But then Schulz, who hails from Osnabrück, discovered a rather sedate song by the rapper Mr. Probz at the end of 2013. He sped it up and mixed in deep, warm sounds – and it immediately catapulted to No. 1 on the charts in six EU countries. It landed at No. 14 in the United States. Since then, he’s been touring stages non-stop around the world, performing in front of audiences of tens of thousands and regularly selling out his tours.

On a day when he isn’t performing, Schulz strolls through the rear courtyard of an industrial park in Hanover. He is wearing a dark blue suit, a black t-shirt and his trademark thick sunglasses as he enters into the Sennheiser recording studio. There are many low-ceilinged rooms and technology, cables and instruments lying around everywhere. Right in the middle of it all is the AMBEO®-3D setup that will reinvent the concept of audio excellence – even for Robin Schulz:


„On the one hand, I wanted to create something that takes advantage of 3D sound to the fullest,“ Schulz says. „But I also wanted a track that is reflective of me and that people can dance to.“ He knows that’s what people expect of him. He followed up „Waves,“ which he remixed for Mr. Probz in just a few hours, with „Prayer in C,“ the most successful song ever produced in Germany. Schulz conquered the charts in more than 90 countries and was nominated for a Grammy in the US. „Everything went so fast after the first No. 1.“ His rise didn’t come in steps – it was a steep ascent right to the very top.

„I want to make people happy and it’s even better if they dance along at a gig. I’m very curious about testing this sound out for the first time during Art Basel and being able to see the faces of the people there,“ Schulz says.

Christian Seitz, Neuschwansteiner CEO and founders said: “As Sennheisers Art Basel event partner, we at The World of Neuschwansteiner are impressed by the audio creations as well as the absolute top level of acoustics. We always have been supporters of Fine Arts and are very happy that we were able to partner with Sennheiser for such a highly interesting and prestigious innovation. We agree with Sennheiser, that the art of audio has been treated not as well and important as it should be. We hope that Sennheisers initiative will be followed by more interest and creations and wish them all the best for the upcoming Art Basel in Miami in December!”

Pictures courtesy of @Sennheiser_D

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