The sun is shining, summer is on its way!

A hot summer day – and lovely evening calls for chilled drinks, and we have a new one lined up: Not Neuschwansteiner on ice – we would never do that, it would water down the fantastic flavour of our luxury beer which everyone loves and praises – but Neuschwansteiner in ice!

Chilled Neuschwansteiner in ice by Günter Stömmer

In the old days, the times of the purity law, exactly 500 years ago, when there were no refrigerators or cold storages, there were strict rules about when beer was allowed to be brewed (until March, hence the name Marchbeer) and stored (in cold cellars with loads of large ice blocks, taken from frozen lakes and carried into the cellars).

Neuschwanstein Castle

Of course with modern technology, beer can be brewed and stored all-year-round. We at Neuschwansteiner still like to reflect on and respect old tradition.

With this fantastic creation shown in Günter Stömmers artistic photo, our bottle stands for the symbiosis of the old times and modern days of the art of brewing and the technology of storing, combined with the art of freezing a bottle in such a crystal clear ice block.

Christian Seitz, CEO and founder of The World of Neuschwansteiner said: A cold beer is a perfect summer drink. A cold Neuschwansteiner is of course even more perfect. Besides being tasty and refreshing, it is also elegant and stylish. The artistic and stylish picture by Günther Stömmer represents our bottle in such a great way. We usually say: “A fabulous beer, cast in an elegant bottle. With this photo we have to say: a fabulous beer with its elegant bottle cast in a stylish ice block!

By the way, we will soon have exciting news: New York City is getting ready for Neuschwansteiner! Watch out and find us soon in the hottest spots in NYC!

It will be a hot summer in Big Apple.

Watch this space for more Neuschwansteiner-inspired art creations and hot news to come.

Chilled Neuschwansteiner in ice by Günter Stömmer

Inga Stracke
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