Gourmets travel from all across Germany to Düsseldorf to celebrate the culinary-highlight of the year, the traditional gourmet-festival at the famous “Zurheide feine Kost”. This year the motto of this annual incredible culinary experience at, what can be called Germany’s best supermarket, is “Summit: The best ones under one roof”.

This year altogether 33 German MICHELIN ‘stars’, including eight German 3-star-chefs and a chef-legend will be working their magic to spoil the guests!

German Pâtissier & former World Champion of confectioners Bernd Siefert
(f. l. t. r.) Mario Kotaska & Sascha Stemberg as well as Gerald Asamoah & Olaf Thon
Star chef Johann Lafer
„Zurheide“ Chef with Anton Pahl

The magic date is Sunday, September 20th 2015. Between 13 and 18h at “Zurheide Feine Kost” it’s all about the MICHELIN stars: 3-star-chefs like Juan Amador, Christian Bau, Thomas Bühner, Sven Elverfeld, Klaus Erfort, Kevin Fehling, Harald Wohlfahrt, Joachim Wissler and Legend Dieter Müller will be at work. Müller applauds: “It is always very well prepared for us guest-chefs. It is a great pleasure to join, especially since the guests are great!”

Organiser Jörg Tittel calls his ‘baby’ a “festival for all senses”, he knows the star chefs personally and has one main goal: “I enjoy the most to surprise our guests, to top their expectations!” Owner Rüdiger Zurheide explains: “If we can create an unforgettable experience for our guests, then we all, our team, organisation, chefs and exhibitors, have reached our goal.”

Nelson Müller

The concept is directed 100% at the taste buds of the guests, connoisseurs of fine food.

Every one of the famous chefs has his own “station”, every guest can sample every chef’s food. The culinary-musical highlight: star-chef Nelson Müller does not only cook, but also performs with his band!

For the past two years, Tittel has created a special theme for the event: “2013 we celebrated ‘Düsseldorf regional’, with all regional star chefs. Altogether we had 23 ‘stars’ on site. 2014 we had ‘fire and ice’, including an ice dragon which spit fire”, he says excitedly, “this year we will surpass ourselves, we will have a total of 33 MICHELIN stars cooking at our event called ‘Gipfeltreffen’ (summit).”

The Jim Rockford band


The “gourmet-festival” which was sold out quickly as soon as announced, is an annual tradition and bases the chef’s selection very much on the famous institution of the “Guide MICHELIN”.

Neuschwansteiner CEO and founder Christian Seitz says: “We look forward to the fabulous ‘Zurheide Gourmet Festival’. With an incredible presence of 3-, 2 and one MICHELIN-Star chefs, we are proud to be the signature beer in the exclusive VIP area. We hope not only the guest, but also those star chefs enjoy our beer, which fits well into such a top level gourmet event!”

Neuschwansteiner Bottles ZOOM F1™ CHARITY AUCTION

“This is first time that we have a special beer”, Tittel raves, “Neuschwansteiner is outstanding in that it is the only beer that is so elegant in taste and luxurious in design and presentation, that we are delighted to serve it in our exclusive Lexus VIP-area. Here every table has its own waiter, who has preferential service at the chef’s stands. Our guests have their own shuttle-chauffeur-service, special champagne by Lallier (Zéro Dosage) and the ‘Champagne amongst beers’, Neuschwansteiner, the best beer in the world, drunk from a champagne glass. Good news for everyone who missed out on the gourmet festival this year: Neuschwansteiner is available all-year-round at Zurheide Feine Kost in the ‘gourmet bistro’.”

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Nürnberger Straße 40-42
D-40599 Düsseldorf

Inga Stracke
Inga Stracke is a multi-talented journalist, event organizer, and networker who is equally at home in the Formula 1™ paddocks around the globe as well as the winter hills of the 4-Hill-Ski jumping tournament and other world class events. She is also a motorsport travel advisor for DERTOUR. Born in Bavaria, Inga became famous as pit-lane reporter for German Sky-TV and F1’s™ own multi-channel digital TV, and she founded the first agency for F1™ commercial radio broadcast in D-A-CH. She also produced the first Formula 1™ live radio show nationwide in US/Canada and headed the creation of the original Red Bulletin. Inga regularly contributes culinary trip reviews and gourmet features for MICHELIN starred restaurants around the globe.