We enjoyed a delicious event by our friend and partner, gourmet expert Ralf Bos, supporting and partnering his annual charity.

Bone Suckin’ BBQ-Sauce by the Ford family

The ‘Bone Sucking Party’ by Ralf Bos at BOS FOOD in Büderich has become a very popular annual tradition. Basically, ‘Culinary Grand Seigneur’ Ralf Bos loves the Bone Suckin’ BBQ-Sauce by the Ford family so much, that he hosts a special event honouring it every year.

Just to host a party with delicious food would not be enough for our friend Ralf, he cares about other people a lot and therefore raises money for charity at his event. The charity ‘People in Ethiopia’ is quite important for him, and he has actually already donated enough money that they have been able to build no less than six schools from his donations! School Nr. 7 is being built.

BOS FOOD Bone Sucking Party

During this year’s event, which saw 1000 guests, the main prize was a VW beetle; raffle tickets were sold in aid of the charity and raised a whopping € 20.000! Honouring his dedication and thanking him for his support, the foundation ‘People for People’ made him ambassador and presented him with a certificate by the board.

bos-food-bone-sucking-party-supported-by-neuschwansteiner-04Together with Eckart Witzigmann, Bos founded the initiative “Top-chefs for Afrika”, supporting ‘People for People’ for many years.

Bos’ party saw many high-end chefs from the entire region, for example Nils Henkel (formerly Schloss Lerbach), patissier Georg Maushagen, chocolatier Heinz-Richard Heinemann and Florian Conzen.

Christian Seitz, Neuschwansteiner CEO and Founder said: “Our compliments and congratulations go to our friend Ralf Bos. To be named ambassador of the foundation ‘People for People’ is a great privilege! Supporting the children in the world is very important for us, and being his partner at this event that raised so much valuable funds to build new schools for the children in Ethiopia is simply an honour for us. We wish Ralf and his great efforts for the good cause all the best!

Our friend Ralf Bos from BOS FOOD said: “The Bone Sucking Party has become one of the top events of our region. We are pleased to have won Neuschwansteiner as our partner for the 2016 event and the future.”

Photos curtesy of BOS FOOD, Jürgen Nowitzki

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