Working title: “Luxury beer Neuschwansteiner Edelmärzen” Our lovely Neuschwansteiner bottle will soon become a movie-star!

Of course we are excited that Doppio TV is producing a feature about Neuschwansteiner! The “Making of” was very interesting and a lot of fun, the “Doppio-team” proved to be very knowledgeable and cool.

neuschwansteiner-on-doppio tv-films-2-star-restaurant-esszimmer-bmw-welt-munich-home-h-r-h-prince-leopold-of-bavaria-01Very thoroughly they chose the perfect place for their set up. Our first day of filming took us to Munich. At the prestigious BMW Welt, our friend and partner, 2-star MICHELIN chef Bobby Bräuer was so nice to host us.

We feel so happy and well-presented at his famous 2-star MICHELIN restaurant “Esszimmer” in the “skies” of the BMW Welt, that we could call it our “Munich Home”.

neuschwansteiner-on-doppio tv-films-2-star-restaurant-esszimmer-bmw-welt-munich-home-h-r-h-prince-leopold-of-bavaria-02bOf course in addition, we feel close to BMW through our brand ambassador, H.R.H. Prince Leopold of Bavaria, who is also a BMW ambassador and has raced many years for the Munich automobile company.

Bobby Bräuer serves our Neuschwansteiner beer with his deliciously fabulous creations at both his BMW-Welt restaurants, “Esszimmer”, and “Bavarie”.

neuschwansteiner-on-doppio tv-films-2-star-restaurant-esszimmer-bmw-welt-munich-home-h-r-h-prince-leopold-of-bavaria-03
2-star MICHELIN chef Bobby Bräuer allowed us a peek into his kitchen

For this special occasion he created three variations of suckling pig, flavoured to perfectly match a chilled Neuschwansteiner.He served: “Dim Sung with cured suckling pig cheeks with green bell peppers and fennel salad”; “Terrine of suckling pig ears on mung beans and mustard fruit-vinaigrette”, “Braised belly of pork” and “Loin of suckling pig with bean purrée and bacon crisp”.

neuschwansteiner-on-doppio tv-films-2-star-restaurant-esszimmer-bmw-welt-munich-home-h-r-h-prince-leopold-of-bavaria-04-c
2-star MICHELIN chef Bobby Bräuer
neuschwansteiner-on-doppio tv-films-2-star-restaurant-esszimmer-bmw-welt-munich-home-h-r-h-prince-leopold-of-bavaria-04a
2-star MICHELIN chef Bobby Bräuer

H.R.H. Prince Leopold of Bavaria tried to get behind some of Bobby Bräuers culinary secrets and asked the star-chef with his charming smile: “How do you come up with such fabulous creations”. Bräuer laughed and smiled back at H.R.H. Prince Leopold of Bavaria: “That I ask myself as well!” If he revealed some secrets off the record to his royal guest, we cannot comment on.

neuschwansteiner-on-doppio tv-films-2-star-restaurant-esszimmer-bmw-welt-munich-home-h-r-h-prince-leopold-of-bavaria-04d

H.R.H. Prince Leopold of Bavaria and Neuschwansteiner CEO and founder Christian Seitz enjoyed the delicious dishes and agreed: “Neuschwansteiner and Bräuers creations complement each other very well and are a perfect match!”

Bobby Bräuer explains: “Neuschwansteiner is a full-bodied beer; it is malty and would go very well with opulent dishes, for example braised or smoked meat. It is ideal as an aperitif, as well as a lovely accompaniment to a variety of dishes. Currently I recommend it with our variations of suckling pig.“

neuschwansteiner-on-doppio tv-films-2-star-restaurant-esszimmer-bmw-welt-munich-home-h-r-h-prince-leopold-of-bavaria-05d

Helena Sauer, Doppio Tv’s editor summed it up: „Many thanks to Neuschwansteiner for the fantastic filming with H.R.H. Prince Leopold of Bavaria and Christian Seitz, as well as the beautiful insights to the very elegant restaurant “Esszimmer”. We look forward to meet again!”

neuschwansteiner-on-doppio tv-films-2-star-restaurant-esszimmer-bmw-welt-munich-home-h-r-h-prince-leopold-of-bavaria-05bNeuschwansteiner CEO and founder Christian Seitz hails Bobby Bräuers cuisine: “The location, the atmosphere and of course the exquisite creations of Bobby Bräuer make a visit to his “Esszimmer” a culinary highlight one will never forget! We are proud and delighted that he likes our Neuschwansteiner so much that he thought of such delicious dishes to match the taste of our beer!”

neuschwansteiner-on-doppio tv-films-2-star-restaurant-esszimmer-bmw-welt-munich-home-h-r-h-prince-leopold-of-bavaria-05c“Filming with Doppio TV was a fun and interesting experience. Their questions made me reflect again on what drives us: Beer is an honest product!” Seitz said with a proud smile, “What could be better than to develop and establish a luxury product around an honest product that has a longstanding tradition that has been enjoyed over several hundred years. To re-interpret this is really exciting.”

Already when I first saw it, I was really fascinated by the bottle in the form of a champagne bottle”, H.R.H. Prince Leopold of Bavaria remembers, “We are aiming at a totally different level, the one of sommeliers, away from the usual beer bottle, and instead being served in a champagne glass. If you see it, you wouldn’t expect a beer inside, one would of course say: ‘It must be champagne’!”

neuschwansteiner-on-doppio tv-films-2-star-restaurant-esszimmer-bmw-welt-munich-home-h-r-h-prince-leopold-of-bavaria-06

Watch this space for more on „Neuschwansteiner movie star“, as we moved on to film at Neuschwanstein and reveal a few little secrets from our brewery.

Inga Stracke
Inga Stracke is a multi-talented journalist, event organizer, and networker who is equally at home in the Formula 1™ paddocks around the globe as well as the winter hills of the 4-Hill-Ski jumping tournament and other world class events. She is also a motorsport travel advisor for DERTOUR. Born in Bavaria, Inga became famous as pit-lane reporter for German Sky-TV and F1’s™ own multi-channel digital TV, and she founded the first agency for F1™ commercial radio broadcast in D-A-CH. She also produced the first Formula 1™ live radio show nationwide in US/Canada and headed the creation of the original Red Bulletin. Inga regularly contributes culinary trip reviews and gourmet features for MICHELIN starred restaurants around the globe.