Just a week ago we celebrate a very special private event together with our friend, award winning artist Albrecht Behmel and selected VIP guests at fabulous New York City restaurant ‘Blaue Gans’ (Blue goose).

neuschwansteiner-partner-kurt-gutenbrunner-albrecht-behmel-new-york-city-blaue-gans-blue-goose-01Since then we have received several requests to introduce our new partner Kurt Gutenbrunner which we do with pleasure!

Kurt’s passion for food has been a constant throughout his life

While growing up with garden-fresh cooking in a small village on the Danube River, he decided, at age 15, that he wanted to become a chef. He promptly enrolled in a professional hotel and restaurant school and obtained a degree in culinary arts two years later.

Kurt Gutenbrunner

At the age of 16, he apprenticed at the Relais et Chateau Richard Löwenherz in the Wachau region, where he developed an appreciation for the wine of that region. These wines are still featured in his restaurants today. Kurt then journeyed to Switzerland to work at Crans Montan in the Wallis Valley before heading to Vienna to work with Chef Werner Matt at the Rotisserie Prinz Eugen.

Under Chef Matt, who is frequently credited with developing modern Austrian cuisine, he helped earn the restaurant its first Michelin star.

Kurt moved on to Tantris, a Michelin three-star restaurant that is considered Munich’s finest. He later was recruited to work at the renowned restaurant Windows of the World’s Cellar in the Sky. He worked there for one year before joining David Bouley as part of the talented team that helped the restaurant upgrade their New York Times review from two to four stars.

Leo Schneemann

Eager to expand his knowledge of exotic cuisine, he began working at Munich’s Mangostin, a contemporary Asian-influenced restaurant, where he supervised a staff of 25 Thai and Vietnamese cooks — experts in the indigenous ingredients and techniques of Eastern cuisine. After six years in Germany, he returned to New York to become culinary director of David Bouley’s expanding enterprise. He was eventually named executive chef at Monkey Bar, where he became known for his inspired seafood dishes.

By venturing out on his own, Kurt was able to take all of his experiences and fuse them with his passion for Austrian food — developing creative, yet authentic menus that showcase quality ingredients with an artistic flair. Kurt’s ideals have secured him a unique spot in New York’s culinary world where he is able to harmonize his two great loves, food and art, and for this he is forever grateful.

Today, Kurt is the Chef and owner of Wallse, Cafe Sabarsky, Blaue Gans and Upholstery Store in New York City.

Prestigious MICHELIN Star European restaurant, Wallsé

Awarded with a much-sought-after prestigious MICHELIN Star, Wallsé is a modern European restaurant which offers an impeccable integration between fine dining & fine art, and design, named one of „America’s Best 100 Wine Restaurants“ for 2016.

The minimalistic and contemporary 20th century artwork that adorns both restaurant rooms makes Wallsé the most tasteful corner in the West Village and an ideal spot for those looking to find their inspiration in one of New York’s cultural gems. The dining experience at Chef Gutenbrunner’s flagship is light and refined, and the dishes are characterized by their polished adaptation of traditional Viennese and European classics, which can be elegantly paired with a world-class wine list.


The MICHELIN Inspectors stated: “Austrian cuisine is known for being hearty and immeasurably satisfying, but the great strength of Wallsé is that you don’t have to have spent the day skiing in Innsbruck to appreciate its cooking because the adept kitchen has a lightness of touch and is not rigidly tied to tradition. (…)

Whether you’ve chosen the gamey and fork-tender venison cheek goulash or have gone for the tafelspitz, you’ll find that the dishes here are harmonious, nicely balanced, easy to eat, and even easier to return to enjoy again and again.

The restaurant is divided into two rooms, both dominated by striking paintings that may even portray the chef himself. The clientele is a largely sophisticated bunch with an inherent understanding of how restaurants work which, in turn, creates an easy, relaxing atmosphere…”

Café Sabarsky

Café Sabarsky, which bears the name of Neue Galerie New York’s co-founder Serge Sabarsky, draws its inspiration from the great Viennese cafés that served as important centers of intellectual and artistic life at the turn of the century.

It is outfitted with period objects, including lighting fixtures by Josef Hoffmann, furniture by Adolf Loos, and banquettes that are upholstered with a 1912 Otto Wagner fabric.

A Bösendorfer grand piano graces one corner of the Café, and is used for all cabaret, chamber, and classical music performances at the museum.

Austro-German „Wirtshaus, Blaue Gans (blue goose)

Located in the heart of Tribeca on Duane Street between Church and West Broadway, Blaue Gans is a convivial Austro-German „Wirtshaus,“ „where Tribeca families… rub elbows with expat artists, assorted epicures, and denizens from all walks of life.

The walls are adorned with vintage film and art posters, remnants from the former inhabitant Le Zinc. Blaue Gans features traditional Austrian-German cooking fare that pays homage to the traditional wholesome “wirtshaus”.

Favorite menu items include traditional Wiener Schnitzel, Kavelierspitz and a selection of different sausages. Dessert specialties include Apple Strudel, Salzburger Nockerl and assorted cheeses. Several German and Austrian wines are available, many by the glass.

Upholstery Store Food and Wine

Upholstery Store Food and Wine is Kurt Gutenbrunner and Leo Schneemann’s West Village locale, celebrating seafood, creative mixology, global wines, modern Austrian design.

It is an intimate restaurant in West Village that brings a top-notch dining experience to a cozy setting.

Upholstery Store Food and Wine

This quaint and romantic joint created by partners Kurt Gutenbrunner and Leo Schneemann redefines traditional seafood dishes and carries a wide variety of wines to please every palate. www.upholsterystore-ny.com

The mixologists at the bar are also happy to craft bespoke cocktails for those who wish to experiment with more creative combinations.

Formerly a real Upholstery Store, the restaurant keeps true to its roots and name by embellishing the space with comfortable couches and leather touches.

Christian Seitz, founder of The World of Neuschwansteiner, said: „The USA, and especially New York City are a very important new market for us. We are proud of our partnership with Karl Gutenbrunner!”


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