Neuschwansteiner Edelmärzen - Luxury beer - Lifestyle Asia by Nik Addams


“A beer like no other”

that’s is how we like to be called – thank you Lifestyle Asia for this very nice article!

Under the title “weekly obsession”, Nik Addams makes a great statement: “This exclusive märzenbier (‘March’ beer) will convert even the most fervent non-beer drinkers.”

We just have to quote Niks full first sentence since it has us smile happily, feel proud and actually cite him when someone complains about the difficulty pronouncing our name “Neuschwansteiner”: “It takes a beer of pretty remarkable quality to capture our attention, but the newly-launched Neuschwansteiner (try saying that three times quickly after a couple of glasses) has managed to do just that.”

We are seriously considering a world-wide pronounciation competition someday – so stay tuned.

We appreciate how nicely Nik and “Lifestyleasia” also feature our partner FOOK LAM MOON: “It’s great with the delicate yet hearty dim sum on offer there — not a pairing one might expect, but a pleasing one nonetheless.“

Neuschwansteiner is available at Fook Lam Moon (Hong Kong), Fook Lam Moon (Kowloon), Guo Fu Lou and Fukiji and is set to pop up at some of Hong Kong’s most exclusive restaurants and bars at some stage this year, too, so watch this space.

Great writing, we like your style, Nik!

Nik Addams | HK Staff Writer
Nik Addams | HK Staff Writer

Greek-Cypriot by way of Melbourne, Nik is a lover of vintage sneakers, country and western music, Jeff Probst, oversized scarves and three-quarter lattes. He also occasionally tweets, badly, @nik_iforos

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