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Traditionally the second Wiesn weekend Munich says ‘Buongiorno’ for “The Italian weekend”, followed by a second week of millions of happy visitors to the biggest funfair in the world. It is not called “beer fest” in some countries without a reason, although it originally started without beer!

Originally hosted as a horse race in honour of the wedding of Ludwig of Bavaria with Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghaisen, celebrations began October 12th 1810 and were held on the “Theresienwiese”, in those days at the border of Munich. Everyone enjoyed it very much so it was decided to celebrate the anniversary every year. Only later it was moved forward into September, mainly due to the better and warmer weather. However, the last weekend still is in October.

Bavaria1850 the “Bavaria”-statue of the festivities guardian was presented, and only in 1882 the ‘Fest’ became culinary with the opening of the first “Hendlbraterei” (chicken-grill). In 1910, the 100-year celebrations hosted 12.000 guests in the biggest tent.

Of course the Oktoberfest is also famous for the traditional Bavarian dresses. The “Dirndl”, the dress for the ladies, back in the days of the 19th century was the working dress for the “Diernen”, the servants. Originally it was uncoloured and had a long skirt with an apron and should have a minimum length to the height of a ‘Maßkrug’.

Neuschwansteiner served at Munich‘s 5-star ‘Bayerischer Hof’Every region has its own style. Some are worn with a golden cap, or blue stockings, some cover the chest to the neck, some show ‘more skin’. Until today some ‘rules’ apply: the bow is tied on the right side if the wearer is married, left, if she is single and if she is a virgin, in the middle. For the men, the lederhosen, long, 7/8 or short, are combined with a white or blue-white or red-white chequered shirt. Whether you are wearing the traditional dress or your business suit, are ready to dance on the tables in a beer tent, or prefer to dine in style, our incredible Bavarian capital is always worth a trip.

Aside from the busy party-tents, we have some fine-dining suggestions for you, where you can enjoy your chilled Neuschwansteiner or even purchase it to take home:

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We feel honoured to be served at falk’s barin Munich’s five-star-hotel Bayerischer Hof by award winning chef de bar Meike Zimmermann. Opened 1841, the ‘Bayerischer Hof’ is one of the most famous hotels in the Bavarian capital. In fact, it was built and opened on the wishes of His Majesty King Ludwig I. of Bavaria, who wanted a first-class-hotel for his guests to stay.

MICHELIN-2-star-chef Bobby Bräuer serves Neuschwansteiner at prestigious “Bavarie” and “Esszimmer“ inside the BMW World. With almost 3 million visitors every year, the BMW World is close to our beautiful Neuschwansteiner castle. Here you can spend a whole day of sightseeing, exploring BMW’s cars, racing history and much more. It is called “car-temple” and through Bobby Bräuer it has also become a “food-temple”. Bräuer tasted our Neuschwansteiner and decided that he wanted to serve it in his restaurant, saying: “Neuschwansteiner is an expressive, powerful and fruity complex beer which has various uses in a sophisticated kitchen.”

#Neuschwansteiner now at #Feinkost #Käfer in #Munich. Come to our #Oktoberfest #Wiesn special at the Käfer headquarter at Prinzregentenstraße 73 in Munich and try our #luxurybeer. Find out where you can get Neuschwansteiner through Käfer and which #celebrities enjoy their Oktoberfest at the “Käfer Wies’n Schänke” – in our Blog:

Neuschwansteiner at “Feinkost Käferin Munich at Prinzregentenstraße 37

“A passion for quality!” at one of the best delicatessens in the world. The Käfer delicatessen store in a distinctive historic town house makes any gourmands hearts skip a beat. A visit to this incredible store now is even more than ever worth a trip since the entire building has been lovingly decorated in Bavarian Oktoberfest style.

If you missed our Käfer-Oktoberfest sampling, we have good news for you: We are available all year round at Käfers Delicatessen Store. To make it even more convenient, Neuschwansteiner can also be purchased through the special edition gift-catalogue with exclusive personalised cards. If you are too far away from our beautiful Bavarian capital, you can also easily order online.

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In the heart of the city centre, the Dallmayr delicatessen at Dienerstrasse 14–15 with its landmark facade is a magnet for visitors, annually attracting more than 1.4 million tourists from all over the world, and the same number of local residents. Already around 1900 it boasted a list of customers that included the German imperial family and 14 other royal houses in Europe!

Our #Neuschwansteiner #luxury #beer is now available at #Dallmayr in #Munich #Bavaria #Germany. One of the best #delicatessens #stores in the world. #MunichAtNight #StoreWindow #LuxuryBeer #AloisDallmayrDallmayr offers a lucullan range for every occasion, the likes of which cannot be experienced anywhere else.

During next month Neuschwansteiner is displayed in a special window. We send a big thank you to Dallmayr for placing us so nicely during Oktoberfest time and invite you to come if you are in Munich.

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During the Oktoberfest Neuschwansteiner is served in the Lufthansa First Class Lounge at Munich Airport. Star Alliance First Class travellers have the pleasure to enjoy the amazing taste of Neuschwansteiner in the exceptional atmosphere of this top class lounge over 860 stylish square metres on two levels. The entrances to the lounge are in the Terminal 2 Schengen Departures Area at gate G21 on Level 04 and at gate H21 on Level 05. Watch out for our stylish 0,7l brown glass bottle with the characteristic golden cap and the medal with famous Neuschwanstein castle on it

If you enjoyed Neuschwansteiner in Munich’s Lounge, you can now also purchase it from Lufthansa WorldShop. Check out the “Vinothek section” of the catalogue on page 137 or simply go online.

Link zu unserem LH World Shop Blog

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