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“Luxury beer Neuschwansteiner Edelmärzen”

Wow! Our lovely Neuschwansteiner bottle is more and more turning into a movie-star! Today we present you part two of the “Making of” of a very cool feature film by Doppio TV about Neuschwansteiner with some brewery insights!

View from the terrace next to the brewery

After an extremely interesting day of filming at BMW Welt with famous MICHELIN star chef Bobby Bräuer, we moved on to our true home base the very next day:

Schwangau and the brewery, where our Neuschwansteiner Edelmärzen is brewed in the immediate vicinity of Neuschwanstein Castle.

Brewmaster Helmer and editor Helena Sauer peek into a brewing kettle

Our brew master, Andy Helmer made sure that their crew around Editor Helena Sauer was able to experience, watch, taste and smell some of the key steps of our brewing process, however, of course also ensured that your brewing secrets are still kept!

luxury-beer-neuschwansteiner-doppio-tv-brewery-schwangau-edelmaerzen-09Helena Sauer, Doppio Tv’s editor explained happily: „We were able to experience the very exciting and yet traditional method of brewing that Neuschwansteiner uses.

The filming has once again been proof for us, what fabulous products are created if naturalness and originality of ingredients and the environment are valued and respected!”

Neuschwansteiner CEO and founder Christian Seitz said: “We are of course extremely proud of our heritage and our home, Neuschwanstein Castle! To deliver our unique, fabulous taste, for us it is of utmost importance to use the purest and best possible ingredients for our beer: barley, hops and water.

We are blessed that the water source next to the brewery near the castle by luck delivers the best alpine water of highest purity with softness untypical for the region.

View from the terrace next to the brewery

We gladly cite the 2015 Port Culinaire“- article in which their gourmet experts wrote about Neuschwansteiner:

“Neuschwansteiner uses only the best hop from the best farmer in the best hop area of the world (Holledau), ….

Whilst Bavarian barley is the best, there are still significant quality and price differences and they use the best!”

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Just a small reminder: If you are visiting Neuschwanstein castle in beautiful Schwangau in the Bavarian alps, make sure to browse through the beautiful store of Kultur Gut AG

After the castle tour, where you can purchase many high-end souvenirs as well as your very own Neuschwansteiner beer.

Watch this space for more on „Neuschwansteiner movie star“, as we will soon be able to present you the film produced by Doppio.Tv

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