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Neuschwansteiner Bottle


Neuschwansteiner on fire – hot summer delight

We had so many enthusiastic and positive replies and comments to our “Elements: Neuschwansteiner in ice”, that we decided to take it to the next level. Imagine: A lovely hot summer day - you are...
neuschwansteiner-on-shakespeares-paths-in-verona-oh romeo-02

Oh Romeo… or: Neuschwansteiner on Shakespeares paths in Verona

We continue to be impressed about the new destinations our lovely Neuschwansteiner bottle travels to. It seems some gourmet fans have taken it to the home of Shakespeares “Romeo and Juliet”. Verona originally was founded...

Neuschwansteiner in ice – perfect for the summer

The sun is shining, summer is on its way! A hot summer day – and lovely evening calls for chilled drinks, and we have a new one lined up: Not Neuschwansteiner on ice – we...