Our recent blog-post about the beautiful KulturGut AG store at Neuschwanstein Castle turned out so popular, that we decided show you some more about and from our beautiful fairy-tale castle.

warhol-inspired-neuschwanstein-castle-kulturgut-ag-art collection
H.R.H. Prince Leopold of Bavaria and Neuschwansteiner CEO and founder Christian Seitz

Especially now in spring time Neuschwanstein and its surroundings are just soo beautiful, and present the perfect trip for a romantic getaway! However, there are so many romantic pictures of it, which we decided to share with you some of our graphic designer’s creative ideas….

Following the aesthetic tradition of visionary King Ludwig II, we at Neuschwansteiner support fine arts and culture. As an example for our art collection, here is “König Ludwig II” by artist Stefanie von Thun. It was part of an exclusive exhibition about King Ludiwg II. at the “Museum of the Bavarian Kings” in Schwangau.

Remember our spring picture of the castle from last year? Here it is in its original version…


We love it so much that we kept thinking to get creative with it. Our graphic designer was allowed to just tune up the colours and go… pop-art. Here is our “Andy Warhol-inspired” version of it!


Warhol is probably the most famous artist and icon of the pop art movement in the 50ies and 60ies. His work is featured in art galleries world-wide, and includes some of the most expensive paintings that were ever sold, including one for US$ 105 million. “Eight Elvises” resold for US$ 100 million. In his book, “The Philosophy of Andy Warhol”, he states: „making money is art and working is art, and good business is the best art.“ His most famous creations are probably the “Campbell’s Soup cans” and “Gold Marilyn Monroe”.

BMW commissioned Warhol in 1979, was by BMW to paint on a race version of the popular BMW M1 for their BMW Art Car Collection. Warhol, as unconventional as he was, painted directly onto the full scale automobile, apparently it only took him less than half an hour.

neuschwansteiner-at-home-with-kultur-gut-ag-castle-neuschwanstein-02Neuschwansteiner CEO Christian Seitz said: “Andy Warhol’s “Marilyn” is of course an absolute classic and we love it. The idea to create a Warhol-inspired Neuschwansteiner picture fits our brand and our liking for art nicely. We just admire the castle, and love this picture of it with our beer at a perfect yet secret location. Regardless which colour, daytime or season, an incredible view with a magnificent icon.”

Be prepared: Soon we will be presenting you more views of Neuschwanstein castle.

Pictures curtesy of KulturGut AG, Neuschwansteiner

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