A castle like a fairytale. Famous all over the world.

The setting could not be more idyllic: Crowning a Bavarian mountaintop, overlooking a picturesque valley, Neuschwanstein was, to King Ludwig II, a perfect escape and a delightful refuge. His favourite home when he wished to withdraw from public life, it is one of the world’s most iconic architectural monuments, attracting around 4,000 visitors every day.


A noble character: Full of rebellious spirit.

Born into a famous royal dynasty in Bavaria and forced onto the throne at the age of just 18, King Ludwig II of Bavaria shunned his royal duties in favour of a world of artistic vision and ideas that were well ahead of their time. Not all of these met with the full approval of his contemporaries! While his genius lives on in Ludwig’s architectural masterpieces, his way of thinking is still synonymous with a nonconformist lifestyle.


A beer like a castle. Visionary and luxurious.

Touched by a rare, imaginative genius, Ludwig II of Bavaria embodies royal heritage and strong innovativeness at the same time. Creator of some of the most famous castles in the world, Ludwig is especially known for his final building: Neuschwanstein. In the spirit of this masterpiece originates our visionary and luxurious Edelmärzen, renewing the myth of the iconic castle and its charismatic builder.