FEMME SCHMIDT in concert with new partner Neuschwansteiner

Tarantino meets Bond, jazz meets urban beats; and La Belle De Nuit is blending it all together with her warm, smoky voice, anthem-like hooks, edgy guitars and dark bass lines combined with orchestral strings, is one of the descriptions of RAW, the new album of FEMME SCHMIDT.
With disarming nonchalance the 26-year old German is merging contradictions – not only in her looks, but also in her highly branched musical scope.
Femme Schmidt’s self-created Pop Noir is stylistic incongruity on principle – because that’s exactly what she wants and that’s exactly who she is. “There will probably never be an ultimate Femme Schmidt, because I have way too many facets. But I never had the feeling that this could be a bad thing. Quite the contrary is true: That’s me! And I love to let all my inconsistencies run free – dropping all of my insecurities and bondages and being nothing but myself: real and raw.”
The road from one album to another is rarely leading only straight ahead. Totally aware of the necessity of her inner journey she states: Every album is like travelling with an unknown destination.
After the release of her first longplayer Femme Schmidt extensively toured Germany’s clubs, supported Sir Elton John on his stadium tour through Australia and visited Lionel Richie on-stage in Paris and Vienna. Most recently she accompanied pop icon Bryan Ferry at his concerts in Germany.
On her instagram-page she highlighted some of his very complimenting comments: “It was a great pleasure to have FEMME SCHMIDT opening for me in my tour of Germany. She and her band were extremely professional, (…) I felt her music was complimentary to my own (…) I sense she is on the right track with her career …”
HURTS SO GOOD is one song of her new album Raw which has been produced in London/ Kensaltown. For her album Raw FEMME SCHMIDT worked together with Glen Scott, who became the leading producer in corporation with Andreas Herbig, and James Bryan – her partner in crime.
The final mixing process was conducted by multi-Grammy-winner Michael Brauer in New York.
femme-schmidt-in-concert-with-new-partner-neuschwansteiner-04Femme Schmidt took her time and freedom to create the new album and intensively delve into ideas, songs and sounds. And the result fits her perfectly: Schmidt’s voice is as distinctive as it’s never been before, but she arranged her Pop Noir much more direct, rough and loaded with energy. And in comparison to her debut, the main source of inspiration isn’t the heartbeat of a metropolis, it’s her own: The personal journey of the last two years had changed me a lot. By this time I’m rather focusing on me, than monitoring the world that surrounds me. At the time of my debut album I used to be the voyeur, looking at everything from the outside. Now I’m right in the middle of it all.”
Today she will be playing in Berlin and tomorrow Thursday, March 17 in Munich, so to say on Neuschwansteiner home ground.

We are delighted to announce that we will be partnering her and thank FEMME SCHMIDT

Christian Seitz, CEO and founder of The World of Neuschwansteiner said: “From the world of motor racing, the creativeness of art and the glamour of fashion we are now entering the world of music. I couldn’t imagine a better way to enter it than with the fabulous FEMME SCHMIDT. Her incredible voice and lyrics already have impressed some big names in the music industry and I am very sure, we will hear much more from her! We look forward to enjoy her show in Munich and afterwards to be celebrating with her and her friends and some of our best, chilled fresh Neuschwansteiner! Congratulations to her new album entering the German charts already in the top 50! Well done!!”


New video „Surround Me With Your Love“

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  • 02.03.2016 HAMBURG – Mojo
  • 03.03.2016 KÖLN – Stadtgarten
  • 04.03.2016 MÜNSTER – Jovel
  • 10.03.2016 HANNOVER – Musikzentrum
  • 11.03.2016 LUDWIGSHAFEN – dasHaus
  • 16.03.2016 BERLIN – Lido
  • 17.03.2016 MÜNCHEN – Technikum
  • 18.03.2016 STUTTGART – Im Wizemann
  • 19.03.2016 FREIBURG – Jazzhaus
  • 26.05.2016 GÖTTINGEN – Musa
  • 27.05.2016 KOBLENZ – Café Hahn
  • 28.05.2016 BAD HOMBURG – Kurtheater – W-FestivalGet your ticket now on www.femmeschmidt.com, Eventim or at your local ticket dealer

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