Crystal clear water, collected and filtered in the Bavarian Alps.

The water used in making Neuschwansteiner comes from the Vilsalpsee - a mountain lake close to the castle of Neuschwanstein. The lake is fed by water that has filtered through porous strata in the Lechtaler Alps. This pure mountain water, together with ecologically grown barley and hops, are the exclusive raw materials that contribute to the peerless taste of Neuschwansteiner.


Crystal clear water for an amazing beer.

After sourcing some of the world’s cleanest spring water, we filter it through amber gemstones to increase its quality and clarity even further. Then the water is energised using the special ‘Grander Process’. This unique method gives Neuschwansteiner its unique taste, one you will enjoy and savour.


The ultimate finishing, for an ultimate beer.

One of the best-kept secrets at our brewery is the gentle freezing process that Neuschwansteiner undergoes as part of the aging process. As the beer turns to ice, water is withdrawn and the alcohol content increases to 6.0%. This careful and patient approach to brewing delivers the unique flavour, zest and strength of Neuschwansteiner.