Black Star Riders: HEAVY FIRE NEUSCHWANSTEINER on tour with the famous Rock Band

Birthday concert in London with Scott Gorham

Congratulations to our friends from BLACK STAR RIDERS to being voted number 6 in the UK national album charts, as well as No. 1 in UK independent charts as well as No.1 in the UK rock charts.

Black Star Riders from left to right: Robbie Crane, Damon Johnson, Ricky Warwick, Jimmy de Grasso and Scott Gorham

The band, currently on nationwide tour in the UK, played a fabulous sell-out concert in London, which also coincided with original Thin Lizzy member Scott Gorham’s birthday. It has become a favourable tradition that the band takes some Neuschwansteiner on tour and we heard that the band toasted Scott in (Rock Star-) style with our Royal Beer.
Neuschwansteiner bottle on stage

This time they enjoyed our new Neuschwansteiner 0.33l and loved it!

Scott Gorham said: “Once again Black Star Riders would like to thank our friends at Neuschwansteiner for their generosity supplying the band with their excellent bier. The new size bottles rock!
black-star-riders-neuschwansteiner-on-tour-with-the-famous-rock-band-07Thank YOU Scott and your entire band for your comments, may we pay you also compliment : YOU ROCK!
Following on from their critically acclaimed albums ‘All Hell Breaks Loose’ and ‘The Killer Instinct’ which have paved the way for Black Star Riders to be recognized as a power force in the modern day of Rock n’ Roll, ‘Heavy Fire’ is once again released by Nuclear Blast Entertainment. The band has also brought in Pledgemusic, one of the most innovative and successful platforms of the modern music world, to give fans extra special product and experiences to go along with the album’s release.
black-star-riders-neuschwansteiner-on-tour-with-the-famous-rock-band-05Ricky Warwick (vocals), Black Star Riders said about the new album: “Angst, passion, power, glory, love, truth, lies, loyalty, questions that begged to be answered. There’s a guitar army coming…and it’s bringing the ” Heavy Fire””
Not many new bands get to record three albums these days. Without doubt this is BSR’S best album so far. We had a great time recording it.” – Scott Gorham (guitars), Black Star Riders.
Scott and his Black Star Riders had already enjoyed our Neuschwansteiner beer during their 2015 UK tour and took us not only backstage but also ON STAGE at the Rambling Man Fair Festival in 2016!
Christian Seitz, CEO and founder of Neuschwansteiner, says: „Scott and the Black Star Riders are just fantastic! ‘Heavy Fire’ is hailed by critics and fans everywhere as ‘BSR at their best’. We look forward for more to come – music and pictures of the band with our Neuschwansteiner!”
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