Neuschwansteiner debuts in the USA

Talk of the town” is and has been our motto and what better place could we chose to debut in the United States than one of the most fascinating cities: New York?! We have travelled and explored and decided to start our ‘conquer’ at the east coast. Soon we will be available at the hot spots of the US, the best hotels, bars, clubs, lounges and retailers in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.
Our ‘fairy-tale-castleNeuschwanstein is absolutely famous in the US, as a ‘must’-sightseeing destination on a trip to Europe, but of course also since Walt Disney himself was inspired by our castle to model his ‘Disney castle’ after it.
Being the most popular alcoholic beverage in the US, roughly 110l (28 US gallons) of beer are consumed per capita annually in the US, rated second in the world in total consumption. Prior to the arrival of Europeans, native tribes brewed beer, however without using barley but maize, birch sap and water. From 1919-33 until the Prohibition made production, sale and transportation of alcoholic beverages illegal. We are thankful, this period is over and we can now ensure that soon Americans from East Coast to west Coast can enjoy our Neuschwansteiner beer.
Christian Seitz, founder of The World of Neuschwansteiner, said: „The USA, and especially New York City are a very important new market for us. We are proud to have some fabulous and exciting new partners, who will help us spreading the spirit of visionary King Ludwig II. to America and introduce their folks to our delicious royal beer.”