Winds of change – the best MICHELIN star chefs in the world in Cologne

Neuschwansteiner enjoyed the 8th ‘CHEF-SACHE’
The 8th edition of CHEF-SACHE proved to be a full success. Under the motto ‘winds of change’ the best star-chefs of the world presented their ideas, innovative food products were displayed and hopeful up-and-coming young chefs showed what to expect from the new generation. Following the motto, classic dining concepts were discussed and questioned, with the entire industry taking a peak into new directions. Our friend, Thomas Ruhl, publisher of Edition Port Culinaire and initiator of the event said: “For years, we have been talking about the downfall of the classic Fine Dining. (…) independent chefs are working on new Casual Dining concepts. Everywhere the ‘wind of change’ is happening.”
chef-sache-winds-of-change-michelin-star-chefs-and-neuschwansteiner-01The 2016 CHEF-SACHE traditionally opened with a panel discussion, led by our good friend, Ralf Bos of BOS FOOD, who said:

”At Chef-Sache the best chefs and best restaurateurs of the country have the opportunity to try the best beer of the country – Neuschwansteiner!”

Congratulations to Ralf and BOS FOOD for winning the prestigious award as “best company” and Ralf as “Grand Seigneur” once again. What a great success and well deserved!
For two days CHEF-SACHE at Palladium in Cologne saw over 60 exhibiting partners, over 130 star-chefs and over 3000 gourmet-guests.
chef-sache-winds-of-change-michelin-star-chefs-and-neuschwansteiner-05To name some of the prominent chefs at CHEF-SACHE:

3-MICHELIN star chefs:

Joachim Wissler Vendôme, Bergisch Gladbach,
Jordi Roca, El Celler de Can Roca, Girona (Spain), best pastry chef 2014, No. 2 50 Best,
Jonnie Boer, De Librije, Zwolle (Netherlands),
3-Hauben-Chef Andreas Döllerer, Restaurant Döllerer, Golling, Österreich,

chef-sache-winds-of-change-michelin-star-chefs-and-neuschwansteiner-032-MICHELIN star chefs:

André Chiang, Restaurant André, Singapur,

1-MICHELIN star chefs:

Albert Adrià, Tickets (Barcelona), no. 29 of the World’s 50 Best, Best pastry chef 2015,
Alexandre Gauthier, La Grenouillère, La Madelaine-sous-Montreuil
We hear that the Metro after-show-party in Sunday as well as the traditional “shipwrecked-party” after-party, at Centre Port Culinaire went on until the early hours.
Be ready – CHEFSACHE 2017: 17.-18.09. Düsseldorf